Today someone asked me ..

Today someone asked me if I am on Facebook ,my reply was “no” and needless to say the person probably thought I was avoiding being friends with them on Facebook. In reality though, I really do not have a Facebook account. I just grew out of it. I am not interested in other peoples’ lives. That’s not to say that I do not creep on other peoples’ photos through my boyfriend’s account, or check out my cousin’s honeymoon photos through my brother’s BUT I don’t interact with my friends, family, clients as much as I normally would when I had Facebook. Is that good or bad? It’s somewhere in between. 

The pros : 
– Every time I am about to open my browser, I automatically press “f” for Facebook but then I recollect I don’t have an account so I head to pinterest / stumbleupon/ or even wordpress
– I dislike some people on my friends’ list but I always stalked them so whenever something good happened to them Id be angry (human nature) so I don’t have to deal with that anymore
– So the time I would spend using Facebook now goes towards feeding the ducks, or strolling around the park, or even playing with my cat
– Due to my Facebook absence, my “real” friends make more of an effort to get in touch via whatsapp, text or even viber (the long distance ones) so our interaction is no longer limited to Facebook “likes” 

The cons : 
– Whenever someone asks me if I am on Facebook and I tell them I don’t , they think I am lying or avoiding them
– I can’t brag about the latest book I have finished
– I can’t also post Katy’s funny photos ( i do that via instagram now) 
– Some people ASSUME I have blocked/ deleted them 
– Whenever I want to send an article/ video link to my boyfriend , I have to login to his Facebook and send himself a message because I don’t have Facebook 

But , not having Facebook is cool, it’s not as impossible as it seems. FYI , I am very much into Twitter, Flipboard, Pinterest, Instagram, Viber, Skype, Whatsapp, so there is not a dramatic change but Facebook consumed 75% of my computer time. Now, I balance it all within all the other apps ! 

P.S – I want to share something very sweet. When I was feeding the ducks today, a mom and a child sat beside me to see the ducks eating. So the kid (about 3 years old) got very excited. I only had a small piece of bread , so I offered it to the kid. He got very excited. But, what amazed me more was how happy the mom got!  She thanked me a lot of times, even before leaving. I was touched because I realized how genuinely happy she got because her son was happy. That’s what moms are for! 

Goodnight! Have a wonderful night 🙂 


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