22 life lessons I learned from Victoria Beckham!

Victoria Beckam is my role model! She is an exceptional women with all the attributes I aspire to have. Here is my tribute to Queen VB!!

Victoria Beckham

  1. Pursue your dreams 
  2. Family comes first
  3. Hard work is the answer to everything
  4. Less is more
  5. Your soulmate will come your way 
  6. Smiling is not always necessary
  7. Do good and change the world
  8. A woman can be anyone she wants to be
  9. Eye makeup is the key 
  10. Workout as soon as you wake up


12. 42 is actually REALLY young 
13. Children should always be given the right values
14. You are always a work in progress
15. The right life partner enhances your life
16. It is possible to look younger with time
17. Fashion is life


18. Beauty is how you carry yourself
19. Happiness is health, family and self worth
20. Success is doing anything you enjoy
21. Women can always inspire other women
22. You can be happy wherever you are 


How to be fat

Guys, I want to tell you all how i got fat. Because I am really proud of what I have accomplished, gaining 20 pounds over 3 months is no joke! Follow my advice and you shall be fat too.

Today, I will share with you my secrets to be fat.

1. Sweet is the way to be ..
Make sure you eat everything that has sugar

2. Have a gym membership, but do not go

3. You must have cereal for breakfast

4. Uber to your way to the subway station, why walk??

5. Eat a whole bag of chips for no reason

6. Definitely take seconds or thirds while having dinner

7. Never take lunch from home, because you must spend extra money to eat and get fat

8. Also, your Starbucks must have whipped cream in them

9. You must also sleep really late and wake up really late, then go to the nearest donut shop and have donuts

10. Your kitchen must have Kraft Dinner and Coke

11. Get an office job where you can sit and eat and think about food

12. Sleep only when you are full

13. Do not drink water because who the hell wants water? You want coke and juice

14. Your weekend must comprise of ordering in and then setting goals to go to the gym ..which even you know you’ll never go

15. Your bank statement must all have invoices from Starbucks, donut shops and SkipTheDishes

16. If all fails, just buy pizza everyday.

Good luck on getting fat 🙂

21 rules I’ve established for myself at 21

I know you’ve missed me and I apologize for being lazy. Honestly though, I had no idea what I wanted to write about. Most days I feel as though I am stuck in a rut. But something happened today which changed things a little bit, and now I feel like writing again.

Since my last post, my whole life changed and I don’t regret it one bit. However, I suppose that’s the point of life? To keep going even when YOU feel stuck?

If there is anything I have learned in the past year, then that is we have to write our own rules and abide by them.

Here is my list of 21 rules I’ve set for myself :

1. Always be true to yourself.

2. Always have hope for the better.

3. I am not here to get approval from anyone.

4. Being in a positive environment lifts the spirit, so surround yourself with positivity.

5. Anything I don’t feel like doing, I won’t do it.

6. I am entitled to happiness.

7. Do it well, or not do it at all.

8. If you’re having a bad day, dance.

9. Never compromise with sleep.

10. Nothing in this world is worth losing my self respect over.

11. God doesn’t help anyone who doesn’t help themselves.

12. My personal success is defined by my abilities and my struggles.

13. When one door closes, another one opens

14. I am human, and very capable of mistakes so when I own up to my mistakes I am taking a step forward towards being a better human being.

15. An idea is all that’s needed for great things to happen.

16. “Oh well, I guess you lose some and win some. Long as the outcome is income.”

17. Time is money

18. Although people will tell you there is no refresh button in life, there really is.

19. You don’t need anyone who doesn’t need you, and the truth is no one NEEDS you so you don’t need anyone

20. Comfort zone is boring

21. Never compare your low with someone else’s high 🙂

50 things I want to do before I am 25


I LOVE MAKING BUCKET LISTS. Just because when I have a bucket list waiting to be completed, I know I must start working on it!
If I make my bucket list public, chances are, I will be more motivated to do them. So here goes 🙂

I am 21 and half now OMGGGG I will be 25 on April 28th, 2019

1. Travel Europe
2. Take a selfie with Shah Rukh Khan
3. Volunteer in Africa
4. Go to Aruba
5. Volunteer in the military
6. Live in a slum (legit slum) for a week
7. Start a non profit cat shelter
8. Have a bikini body to qualify in bikini competition (but not compete because my mom will die of shock)
9. Skydive
10. Bungee Jumping
11. Go on a date with Imran Abbas (I will faint if he agrees)
12. Learn swimming (yes, I don’t know how to swim)
13. Go to Disney World with my family
14. Run a Marathon
15. Travel Australia
16. Watch the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show in person
17. Participate in a Holy Festival in India
18. Teach in Japan
19. Bake a Rainbow Vegan Cake
20. Be part of a TV show audience
21. Tour Googleplex
22. Create a reading nook
23. Set foot in all 7 continents
24. Change the world
25. Go on a hot air balloon ride
26.Pay a stranger’s bill at a restaurant
27.Be a movie extra (in a bollywood movie) and a hollywood movie
28. learn French
29.Cook a 10 course meal
30.Visit all 50 states of U.S
31. Get my own apartment
32. Finish University
33. Have a job I love going to
34. Have a second career which I love
35. Actually learn Guitar (I have been putting this off for years)
36. Do teach for America
37. Do war photography
38. Do Rural photography in Bangladesh
39. Do something to change lives of kids in Bangladesh
40. Take my mother to vacation of her dreams
41. Do all kind of “odd jobs”
42. Build a cat house for my cat
43. Complete all the unread books
44. Write a book
45.Get an admission to the law school of my dreams
46. Be mentally strong
47. Have a great resume
48. Be really strong
49. Be self made
50. Live alone

10 perks of being a black sheep

hi friends!!!

I am so excited to tell you I HAVE BOOKED A TRIP TO EUROPE , MAY 2016 !!!!

I have worked really hard to be able to afford this trip and it’s for 45 days!

I will be 22, and get a lot of backlash from my mom about being a girl and travelling along and not finishing my bachelor’s ..blah blah blah
but guess what? I figured I have one life! I will never be old enough, or accomplished enough for my mom to let me travel alone. I will always be a baby , so I thought I’d rather just go ahead!!

I have been meaning to write a blog post, but didn’t know what to write about so I thought let’s talk about being a black sheep 🙂

I am the self proclaimed but very deserving black sheep of my family .. and I love it!

Here are 10 reasons why you must love it too :

1. You are always compared to others, and you really don’t care :
You know when your parents compare you to your smart cousins? And try to “motivate” you by telling you of their accomplishments? Yeah, that stuff doesn’t bother you. You are extremely happy for your cousins and friends, but really their success make you really happy and will never be a reason for jealousy! You are this very secure person and you LOVE it.

^ replace that with your name please

2. No one expects anything of you
The biggest perk is everyone expects the worst of you, and whenever you do something remotely “good”  in their opinion, they will treat that like something extra ordinary!!

3. Your knowledge is extensive
Because the black sheep are always on the run so they know a lot about things. They explore a lot, they get to live a lot , they meet cool people and they are basically awesome!

4. You are an optimist:
You like to think of this world as a happy place, where everything is good as long as you are good. Your friends probably think you’re crazy but what’s a life not perceived well?

5. You are HAPPY:
When other people are not happy with your choices ,  you are okay with their opinions and completely happy with your life, you know you’re good 🙂

6. Your kids will probably be cooler than you:
You think of yourself as this really amazing person, and you are determined to raise your kids the same way.. so you know your kid will probably be a black sheep as well

7. You are a self motivator
You set your own goals, work towards them, have your own way and pace of doing things ..and guess what? That’s all you need to be good at anything!

8. You understand life is too short to make poor choices / worry about them
You think of life as this journey which must always be travelled really well, and if by chance, you do make poor choices, you know everything will be okay.

9. You take your time:
You take your sweet time with everything ; major life decisions and commitments, and sometimes you don’t. You are whimsical and sometimes you are just super slow!

10. You refuse to be tied down:
You know your decisions are unconventional, and people don’t get it. But you’d rather be making life choices that make you happy instead of getting tied down to the expectations other people have of you. You will probably never regret your decisions, and even if you do, you will have no one but yourself to blame.

10 questions I had while watching “Dheere Dheere Se Meri Zindagi”

I am not a hater friends! I love the song, and really adored the cinematography! But, I am the kind of person who really needs simplistic storytelling through music videos. I watched it at least 100 times, and I am still unable to understand what the music video was trying to achieve.

I LOVE Hritik and Sonam, I love both! I am so glad they got to do this together, I am sure they will make a great couple (both real and reel life) …

1. Where is Sonam and her friends sitting when Hritik exits from a meeting with his associates?

2. Why is Sonam always being like “SSSSSHHH” …And what’s so funny?

3. What is Hritik’s profession? Is he a photographer? Is that how he is a millionaire? Yes, I ALWAYS KNEW I CHOSE THE RIGHT HOBBY!!!!

4. Why is Sonam laughing to herself? And swirling around in that beautiful outfit in the middle of the outdoor market?!?!?!?!??!

5. This guy is taking random photos of the girl and no one notices?

6. So he hired Sonam’s company as the event planner? Sonam didn’t know who she was working for?

7. Do they know each others’ names?

8. Is Sonam completely okay with her photos being hung around everywhere in someone’s room?

9. Did they really get married ?



10 ways I motivate myself to go to the gym

Hi Friends,
I have been very inconsistent with my posts lately. Reason being, I have so much going on and I am spending a good chunk of my time at the gym (FINALLY!). In the past, I have always had issues getting motivated to go to the gym and ended up going twice or trice a month! However, I make it a point to go five times a week and I don’t feel good if I miss three days in a row. But, I wasn’t always “motivated”. The initial few days or weeks were difficult and I would force myself to go to the gym and wouldn’t regret it later.

Here are the 10 ways I motivate myself :

1. I spend an hour scrolling through Instagram every morning – I use the hashtag “motivation” or ‘inspiration”, and look through peoples’ posts on fitness, photos of people at the gym, or photos of peoples’ progress. I find that really motivates me.

2. Workout gear – I love packing my workout gear for the week. On a Sunday, I set aside all the clothes I will wear for the week and keep it in my gym bag. I also carry my gym bag with me everywhere. just so I don’t have an excuse to miss a workout if I am busy.

3. Friends who are into fitness – I get super inspired by my friends who are into fitness! We exchange fitness tips, talk about the different exercises we do and also try out classes together every once in a while.

4. My morning routine – No matter what time I plan to workout but I find when my morning routine is comprised of a healthy breakfast and positive affirmations, I am 100 times more likely to hit the gym.

5. Health- With a bad family medical history, I am aware of the cons of not exercising. Whenever I am too lazy to go to the gym, I write on my notebook ” I DONT WANT TO DIE MISERABLY because I was too lazy”

6. Pinterest fitness boards – I look at all these wonderful women who are motivating themselves and others , and then I think to myself, why can’t I?

7. When my fridge is packed with good food – I have my days when I pick up really good food from the grocery stores and come up with innovative yummy (and vegan food), the thought of eating healthy and eating yummy motivates me to exercise.

8. Bollywood songs – “Kamli ” , “chikni chameli” and recently “bang bang title song” are my favourite workout inspiration songs.

9. WATER – When I drink 5 glasses of water in the morning, I am super pumped.

10. Doodling – I doodle and write “10 reasons I should workout today” and how my body needs a change and good treatment.

I promise you, I end up going to the gym 5 days a week. If I am too pumped, I even go 6 days a week.